Why all IGNITE Coaches join the Jumpstart

Why all IGNITE Coaches join the Jumpstart


A health focus is something that we all need, which is why every coach at IGNITE participates in our Jumpstart.  Most of us have even done the Jumpstart a couple of times.  If you have done it before, then why would you do it again?


The answer is easy, it is because health is not a destination,it is a life long journey.  If you all ofa sudden arrive at “health”…. beware.  This train of thought is part of what contributes to the frustrating and often defeating “yoyo dieting”.  


There is nothing wrong with enjoying the holidays and maybe even indulging in things you generally wouldn’t.  Don’t be concerned with what happens in the week between Christmas and New Year’s, it is what happens in the other 51 week sof the year that will create the lifestyle you want to live.


This is why we kick off the beginning of the year with aJumpstart.  It is a time to refocus,build on the habits you created in 2018 and work on the areas that need improvement.  Using the recipes, meal plans and grocery lists are a great resource, but there are many other aspects that we can help attack.


Last Jumpstart I personally focused on my hydration.  I took away a great habit that stuck all year.  I know that this time around I need to work on my time and stress management.


Why do people see success? It is because we offer resources and most importantly accountability.  You will see all of our coaches setting goals, meal prepping, sharing their favorite recipes, attaching their weaknesses and offering accountability to each other and all of the participants.


Start 2019 in a positive light on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself!

Jeremy Huisheere

Director of IGNITE